A little bit about myself: I’m currently a senior year student at University of La Verne. I will be finishing up my BS soon. After that, I intend on entering graduate school for my PhD in behavioral psychology and research. I created this blog so that I have a place to save my ideas and also share them to people who might take an interest in what I have to say–or just by chance & curiosity, happen to run into one of my blog posts, hopefully to read them. Of course this is my personal blog; I use it to provide (psychological) commentary on any such issues where I feel that some insight can be gleaned. Nevertheless, my hope is that you, as a reader, can enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thank you for reading.

–Miguel Maldonado

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  1. I am a former LAPD officer. I served between 1981/1991, then I moved to a different department. great article, as I suffer from predicted as a result of my employment which was all street time. it took a long time for my diagnosis, and I am very concerned that there are others out there who witnessed what I did in the way of brutality, and continue to suffer in silence
    I also attended ULV and received a wonderful education. Any assistance I could give you in your research would benefit us both
    Sincerely, Steve Vallance

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